Manolo Quezon is #TheExplainer Newsletter — Church and State

This week’s Long View

Related readings

For my previous discussions on secularism and Church and State, see Rebuilding The Walls Separating Church From State (2005), Church and State Sources (2006), Faith and Morals (2008), The Secular Ideal (2008), The cross and the sword (2017) and Divorce lost in the debate (2017) and Presidents and capital punishment (2017). See also, this year’s Presentation: The Rise and Fall of our Fifth Republic. In 2012 Florin Hilbay wrote an informative commentary, Religious participation in the party-list.

Proyekto Pilipino

#ProyektoPilipino has a main show, with video, and a follow-up (or follow-through) podcast. Here are the two most recent episodes for each. Why not subscribe?

Interesting Readings Department

Two parts of a piece. An interesting take by the author of a new book; and a truly remarkable piece of investigation published in the WaPost.



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