Manolo Quezon is #TheExplainer Newsletter — Debates, Restoration, and Cargo Cults

On this coming election: Mareng Winnie and I

Recorded some time ago, but it’s finally out. Have a listen. As you can imagine, with Winnie Monsod there, a brisk and lively discussion was had by all!

On presidential debates

Guested Friday night on the show of Christian Esguerra on ANC. The topic was presidential debates. My portion starts at 33:00 of the video.

Rehabilitation and Restoration

In Rappler Talks, Marites Vitug and I discussed the Marcoses and their rehabilitation and restoration schemes.

Manna from Marcos

Related to the above, is this article which I turned into an audio long read for my podcast.

Here’s the report I mentioned in my article/podcast:



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Manuel L. Quezon III

Manuel L. Quezon III


Columnist, Philippine Daily Inquirer. Editor-at-large Views strictly mine. I have a newsletter, blog, podcast, and Patreon.