Manolo Quezon is #TheExplainer Newsletter — Issue #18 (Tandemocracy edition!)

Hello, Putin

Electoral Merry-Go-Round

The spoils were supposed to go to PDP-Laban, the President’s party and thus first among equals in the ruling coalition. But it’s factions have been quarrelsome and it’s old-time members have been edged out with the influx of new recruits. Koko Pimentel lost the Senate presidency, Pantaleon Alvarez was ousted from the House speakership; and now, by all accounts, Manny Pacquiao is due to be kicked out of the party presidency he holds.

July 4–5:

As he departs for fight training, Senator Pacquiao leaves some exposés as a parting gift for the President (who will later take a pot-shot of his own: reviving the tax-evasion case against Pacquiao); pro-administration radio including the Iglesia ni Cristo, continue attacks on Pacquiao; the President’s daughter says she “may” not run for president if her father runs for veep.

July 6–7:

On July 6, a bandwagon for the President’s daughter is projected by means of a cascade of announcements: Lakas-CMD, Puwersa ng Masa, People’s Reform Party, National Unity Party, all signal interest in a coalition with Hugpong ng Pagbababago; a day later, talks with the Nacionalista Party is also mentioned.

July 8–11:

A “consciousness-raising” (see political calendar) tour of Luzon by Senators Panflio Lacson and Vicente Sotto III kicks off with a trial-ballooned theme (“Singapore vision” and an “improved” anti-drug campaign)

Tandemocracy: All in the Family Alert

An observer first posited the possibility of a daughter-father informal tandem back in June; I was skeptical until now. Now I believe it has to at least be considered. While the President and his daughter are remarkably like President Marcos and his daughter Irene — famously at odds from time to time — in the end, they will be loyal to each other. So the only question is, with the need for the President to ensure a reliable successor, how is this best done? In the end a non-family member won’t do as a successor to the presidency. Then the only remaining question is, will the President need to seek office to ensure this, or will he only flirt with the idea, to remain relevant as long as possible, postponing his eventually becoming a lame duck?

tandemocracy — Wiktionary
Blend of tandem +‎ democracy, a calque of Russian тандемократия (tandemokratija) originally in reference to the office-trading of Vladimir Putin and Dmitri Medvedev.

Additional Readings: “Tandemocracy”

Russians and the Putin-Medvedev “Tandemocracy”: A Survey

Tandemocracy in Today’s Russia By Andrei Ryabov, Moscow

Situationer: PDP-Laban locally

PDP-Laban governors = fuschia
PDP-Laban mayors = yellow-green

Additional Readings:

I’m not so convinced this is actually illuminating, but it’s an interesting undertaking.

On a semi-related note, interesting research:

A note on the political engagement of College graduates

From an interesting Twitter thread on “PIDS’ research on the 4th Graduate Tracer Survey (GTS), which collected data on college experience — skills learned and quality of instruction — and how it relates to employability, citizenship, satisfaction.” Tweet with data below ties in with something Randy David pointed out years ago, only around 10% of Filipinos have ever taken part in s protest or rally; but a huge percentage have indulged in civic disobedience of some sort. Also, findings that only 10% of Filipinos believe in political parties. As an aside, these, like our preferred method of murder — poison — suggests we’re passive aggressive.

Interesting demographic trends from the most recent census.


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