Manolo Quezon is #TheExplainer Newsletter — Issue #33 Marcos in retrospect

By his second term he had already remodeled the presidential desk.

A two-part reflection on Marcos’ life, and the chapters it can be divided into, from 2007.

You can listen to it, or read it!

A reflection, on the centennial of his birth, on his life story being the incarnation, in many ways, of his generation’s resentments: his success was considered a validation of a particular Filipino way of thinking and doing.

How Marcos’s foes concede half the battle to Marcos before even engaging, by accepting the foundation of all his lies: the so-called anniversary of Martial Law.

An exploration of how Martial Law was as much about Marcos summoning and addressing the fear and loathing of the generation of parents to which he belonged, as it was about larger delusions.

An insight into our strangely naive faith in documents like constitutions, when what gives life — or guarantees death — for such things, is human behavior. A case in point was how Marcos intimidated the Supreme Court.

Rogue Magazine: Showdown with the Supremes — Manuel L. Quezon III

How Cargo Cults provide an insight into the motivations and dreams of Marcos Loyalists.

An insight into the armed forces being the institutional bastion for Marcos revisionism. And how Marcos engineered the demotion of his predecessors.

The law says Marcos is a hero — and it also doesn’t — Manuel L. Quezon III

The other side of this story is the tale of the Marcos medals.

Thoughts on The Kingmaker, a Documentary About Imelda Marcos



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Manuel L. Quezon III

Manuel L. Quezon III


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