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#ProyektoPilipino has made it to its second season. We may agree to disagree on history but civics can provide a shared approach to citizenship and governance.

We kick off this omnibus with our episode on Independence Day. From there, the show tackled personal independence: to think to study, and to express one’s self.

With the start of the new administration, we began with something 16 out of 17 presidents have in common: the oath of office. What it says, and what it means, and how it came to be, and what it tells us about the presidency and our shared expectations of it. From there, we tackled the steps involved in forming a new administration: the Cabinet and the bureaucracy.


Happy birthday, Pinas! An Independence Day Special | Episode 19 | Proyekto
“Ang pagiging Pilipino ay pagtawag sa sarili mo na Pilipino, at lahat tayo ay may gagampanang trabaho sa pagbuo ng Proyekto Pilipino.” In the spirit of our r…

Malaya ka ba? Freedom to study, think, and express | Episode 20 | Proyekto Pilipino
“Hypocrite ka kapag sinabi mong may freedom of speech ka pero hindi mo ginalang ang freedom of speech ng ibang tao.”We now live in a time when we have the fr…

So help me God: Presidential Oath of Office | Episode 21 | Proyekto Pilipino
We have just witnessed the inauguration of the new president of the Philippines and his promise to uphold his duties and responsibilities as the commander-in…

Bayaran at singilan: Building the government and cabinet | Episode 22 | Proyekto
Paano ba magbuo ng gobyerno?Essentially, more than 10,000 government positions will have to be filled and appointed by the president. But what goes into the …

The balancing act of bureaucracy: Building the government Part 2 | Episode 23 | Proyekto
“I am a representative of the people of the Philippines. So whoever is the president, I will carry on with my functions.”People make a government. And when w…

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