Manolo Quezon is #TheExplainer Newsletter — Restoration Accomplished

This week’s The Long View

On mandates and expectations

The day began with some reflections on mandates, transitions but ended on a note I’d previously begun commenting on: that of a Restoration. Here’s my interview on ANC.

Scenes from a Restoration

Consumatum Est

Restoration 3.0

Emotional quotients

Outtakes from a Restoration

The semiotics of power: accompanying the future Vice President is the former President-Speaker. Thus, 2/3 of the soon-to-be Ruling Coalition. The crouching Romualdez like his cousin knows he’s politically living on borrowed time. Perhaps reading too much despite their being elected as a tandem that Marcos and Duterte arrived separately. Put another way would have taken very little to underscore UniTeam by both symbolically arriving at the Batasan together.

These two represent 2/3 of the Ruling Coalition.
Quick Change



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Manuel L. Quezon III

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